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Getting Involved
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How will you enjoy Heritage Days 2007?

Will You Volunteer Your Time?

We need lots of volunteer hours !!!
This does not mean that you need
to be at the 4-H Fairgrounds all
during the month of August...
But, if you could
spare an hour or two
we would certainly appreciate it !
You might like to help serve food
in our food areas.
Or would you like to help with
"set-up & tear down"?
How about helping
in the admission gates?
And we can always use help
on Friday with the registration
of our wonderful participants!
Please contact Mildred Kopis
at the Miami County Museum
        at 765-473-9183
        and let her know
 how you would like to help
     make this the BEST
Miami County Heritage Days!!!

Or Will You Make a Donation?

You make a donation
   in several ways!
Please contact Ellen,
       our secretary,
at the Miami County Museum
          at 765-473-9183.
Thank You !!!